Our Story


Healthcare video marketing at its finest.

  • Alex Gelbert

    Co-Founder & CEO

    My mission is to help companies spend smarter, embrace digital, and develop content that consumers, patients, and healthcare providers care about. For each Let There Be project, I lead the strategy and communication phases, then watch each story come to life in the hands of our talented creative team. When I'm not hovering over a script or strategizing with clients, there’s a good chance I'm running around a racquetball court or listening to a good audiobook.

  • Phil Penalosa

    Co-Founder & CCO

    I'm no stranger to the spotlight. I joined the prestigious ACTRA guild at age 12 and earned a handful of credits. My love for film eventually brought me behind the camera. You can find me in the Let There Be studio, scribbling designs on whiteboard tabletops, directing productions, and working with a team of talented artists, animators, and editors. If you ever need a Montreal restaurant recommendation, I'm your man!

  • Kathryn Chovanes

    Dir. Business Development & Project Management

    I care about people and processes. As director of business development at Let There Be, I learn the needs and challenges of our clients. As project manager, I plot out the steps and lead the charge towards success. When I'm not talking with clients, attending conferences, and coordinating with the Let There Be team, I'm often hiking high into the Rocky Mountains or gliding down them on skis.